Aara's 3D Models

This is a place where you can check the progress for my 3D vtuber model commissions and see more examples of finished works. It is regularly updated with all the information you might need.

I'm Aara, a 3D modeler and artist. I make Vtuber models first and foremost, but also know my way around making VRChat avatars. I've been doing this for a year now, and made over 60 models, most of which were commissioned work. You can see some examples in other tabs, and I regularly post my work on Twitter too.


In Progress

Commission work in progress. You can see where your model is in the process here, or just view the current works!


Fiverr page

If you wish to commission me over PayPal rather than Fiverr (which is preferred as there's no fee for either of us. The prices listed on Fiverr apply.) email me for further discussion at:

[email protected]